Thursday, February 21, 2008

BPR Interview With Ricky Lizalde

Some thought he stayed far too long, but Ricky Lizalde fought through his tears and early struggles long enough to taste the winners circle in the Levi's challenge. As we learn in our recent chat, he's been able to keep his head high long after the lights have dimmed.

BPR: Hi Ricky - what an emotional ride this experience was for you. Do you have any regrets about letting it all hang out on the show?

RL: No regrets!! I know that some people may be sick of the crying.... me too!! but I am a stronger and better person and designer for the experience....

BPR: What was the reaction of your family and friends to your elimination?

RL: All my friends and family rooted for me to go all the way.... sorry guys... they are sad but hopeful of my future!!...Me too

BPR: You have been a successful lingerie designer for many years now. Why Project Runway at this stage of your career?

RL: I went on PR to show people who I am........ although I didn't realize you would get to know me so personally.... making it in a business like the fashion industry is hard enough I just thought w/ a little luck hard work and heart I could really do something on the show.......long story short to help my business...

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