Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reunion Party!

Hi - you remember me, don't you? Morty McSnerdly, that geek in the corner you all used to make fun of? Well, now I'm a gazillionaire geek blogging about reality television in my jammies. Tonight, I get my revenge...mwah-ha-HA! You might want to think twice before trying the punch...

Tonight the BPR party room doors are wide open as we welcome back Carmen, Chris, Christian, Elisa, Marion, Jack, Jillian, Kevin, Kit, Rami, Ricky, Simone, Steven, Sweet P, and Victorya. Will it be a WWE diva throwdown? Come on in and snark away, this is one reunion party you can actually look forward to attending! Just keep your eyes out for that McSnerdly character, he looks a little shifty.