Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 5 Looks From Season 4

As we wait patiently for the denouement of Season 4, it's time once again to roll out our popular "Top 5 Looks Poll". Now that everyone has had a chance to see all of the designs and challenges this season, which 5 are your favorites?
Probably the easiest way to look at all of the garments is to go to Bravo's Rate The Runway page where you can sort by episode. To keep everyone consistent, list your five favorites in the comments by number, designer(s) name(s) and challenge like this:
1 - Jack Mackenroth "Sew Us What You Got" challenge
2 - Chris March "What A Girl Wants" challenge
3 - Elisa Jimenez/Sweet P "SJP/Bitten" challenge
4 - Kevin Christiana "What's The Skinny" challenge
5 - Michael Kors "Orange County" challenge (Well, that last one wouldn't count, but you get the idea...)
We'll tally the results and reveal your Top 5 picks in a special countdown beginning on March 1. It's your chance to celebrate the uncelebrated and right some judging wrongs. Who from Season 4 will join Andrae Gonzalo and Robert Best as a Top 5 Looks champion?