Thursday, February 14, 2008

BPR Love for Sweet P

The designer out when there are five remaining is always a heartbreaker (Robert Plotkin in Season 1, Nick Verreos in Season 2 and Kayne Gillaspie in Season 3). Our readers thought that you had the best garment in both the prom challenge and the denim challenge. There really weren't any losers this week because in spite of being 'auf' you had the opportunity to show a collection at Bryant Park. From arm-wrestling with Christian to being the muse of MTV's Jim Cantiello, you proved that you were always a winner without ever needing to bring out the evil opposite of Sweet P, Mean P. Michael Kors said that your garments are wearable and flattering and Project Runway has given your work an audience that will want to purchase your products. Before Runway, you were the former biker chick that we wanted to hang with but now we see you as having a vision and a point of view (and we still want to hang with you) - that is a winning situation.

This post is only for positive words for Sweet P. Anything negative or about another designer can be discussed here.