Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BPR Interview With Victorya Hong

Who says you have to be a finalist to show at Fashion Week? Certainly not Victorya Hong. The season 4 designer decided there was no better time to capitalize on her exposure from the show and managed to beat all of her cast mates to the catwalk with her Fall 2008 collection. Victorya tells us all about it as we resume our series of aufed interviews.

BPR: Hi Victorya! We were all happily surprised to see you showing on the opening day of Fashion Week. When did you decide to pursue this?

VH: I´ve been working on getting my line off the ground since we finished taping last summer. So, it was only natural that I work on a Fall collection. It really started coming together in December. Jackie, my model from the show, would come over to fit my samples. Of course, everything looks great on her, so I don´t know if it was an accurate barometer...but the line was looking really strong. With her encouragement, I started to really explore the possibility of showing.

BPR: What is the inspiration for your new collection?

VH: It was very 80s inspired. I am a voracious visual consumer when I begin to research a line. I watched movies, 80s sitcoms, and pored through magazines and images. It was actually pretty fun because the 80s is really my era.

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