Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bravo Reveals New Reality Show to Discover New Reality Show

NEW YORK -- Bravo yesterday unveiled a new reality show that will pull the curtain back on the secretive process of creating reality shows while also pitting would-be producers against each other in a cut-throat competition to see whose reality show will ultimately be its own reality show on the television network known for Emmy-winners Project Runway and Top Chef.

"This is what America is going to talking about," spokesperson Jessica Koons said of the show, tentatively titled "Make Me a Bravo Producer," after its unveiling at an annual meeting of network and studio executives. "Nobody has ever shown the creative process of making reality television in such realistic detail. 'Make Me a Bravo Producer' will have all the highs, lows, alliances and betrayals that come with the making of a reality television series. It's not to be missed!"

The show pits 10 up-and-coming reality producers from all across Los Angeles in a week-by-week competition to see who can really become the creative genius behind America's next reality sensation. The competition, with Mark Burnett--the creator of "Survivor"--playing a mentor character similar to Tim Gunn, features both established producers and those looking for their first big break.

"I'm in it to win it," says Chad, with a provocative lift of his sunglasses, in the promo. "Him? Nobody needs to see Temptation Island III!" replies another, similar looking producer also named Chad. The two are later seen in a screaming match over a light brunch, and a cutaway to a shocked onlooker indicates that a mimosa might have been thrown.

"It's getting pretty nasty," another producer confesses on the verge of tears to the camera after a segment of his show, "America's Next Top Poet," is widely ridiculed by fellow contestants and guest judge Tila Tequila. "I just don't know if I can do this."

The contestants were housed in a "hooked-up" New York City loft which the spokesperson Koons implies was scene of various debauched behavior. "There was a hot tub incident that all of America will be talking about," she said without offering further detail, although she went on to say the loft also came fully equipped with Mac workstations, a DVD library that included a lost season of Survivor set in the South Side of Chicago, and the services of a man--known only as "LJ"--who could be reached at any time day or night to help producers facilitate the creative process.

Reality programming is increasingly seen as the future of television because it requires little in the way script production, thus doing away with the need for writers. Bravo, which has built its name on reality programming and re-runs of the West Wing, sees the genre expanding even beyond television, as it is currently in talks with the state of South Dakota for it to be the setting of "Celebrity Senate Showdown," where several movie stars from the 1980's will compete to take over the seat of ailing U.S. Senator Tim Johnson. When asked of the propriety of replacing elected officials with audience-selected members of the Brat Pack, Bravo spokespeople wouldn't comment directly.

"You'll just have to watch what happens," said Koons.
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