Tuesday, April 08, 2008

From The Mailbox

First here is video from Tim Gunn's stop in Oklahoma City.

Of course the mailbox is filled with many news items about the switch to Lifetime. Most are just re-hashing information that we have already posted.

I promise to be judicious about the articles that I include.

First here is Jim Cantiello's take. He is not amused.

Click here for The Cut.


The best part of this Wall Street Journal item is the following comment - YIKES!

A lawsuit based on the word of a Hollywood producer and an e-mail from a Hollywood agent. NBC executives must be real aliens, from another planet, to trust and rely on the word of Harvey Weinstein for anything.

Weinstein has made a career of lying to people he deals with. He and his brother would promise to distribute movies made by independent and overseas production companies, then do nothing. When he knew he was leaving Walt Disney, he delayed until the end of his contract the release of The Great Raid, a $70 million war movie that was a near total loss, its box office revenue covering its advertising cost.

The only thing NBC has going for it is that David Boies is representing the Weinsteins. All Boies knows is how to overbill clients paying for his reputation, not his legal skills, which are history.

Prediction - The next lawsuit will be Boies suing to collect payment from the Weinsteins for his legal services. That case should end up in the US Supreme Court, the Weinsteins like taking, not paying.

Meanwhile, in other news...Check out Alison Kelly's new "Tulip" dress at Dahl.