Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From The Mailbox

First, we have a note from Dan Renzi - our favorite Miami-based blogger. Dan is helping out at the Miami Film Festival and wants you all to know that there is a drawing for two tickets to the Eleven Minutes on Friday. The winner also receives 2 VIP tickets to the after party, including the fashion show and a chance to meet Jay McCarroll backstage.

To enter, email The winner will be announced on Friday.

On to the news...

Yes, that WAS Jack Mackenroth playing the part of a corpse last night on Law and Order. Congratulations, Jack.

After watching the opening minutes of the show I switched over to the "Real Housewives of NYC Reunion" and I have to admit - I loved it. I have enjoyed the entire season - except that it was far too short. Those women are FABULOUS!!!

Tim Gunn will be at the Macy's Store in the Colonie Center in Albany on Saturday the 26th. Click here for a new interview. Here is a highlight:

Q: Can you tell me about the move "Project Runway" is making from Bravo to Lifetime?

A: I'm very loyal to Bravo and my own show ("Tim Gunn's Guide to Style") is coming back for a second season on Bravo, so I feel a bit like a polygamist. The viewership of Lifetime is well over double that of Bravo. I have such huge regard for the show and am so thrilled to be part of it, I'm delighted to bring it to an audience that's bigger. Am I sad to leave Bravo with "Runway"? Yes, I would be dishonest if I didn't say that. But am I excited about Lifetime? Yes, I am.

Attention Toronto: Tim Gunn will also speaking at The ELLE Show on Sunday, April 27th. Click here for more information.

Meanwhile, Christian Siriano will be at Notre Dame tonight.

This Variety article about magazine editors becoming celebrities, contains these quotes from Nina Garcia:

Says Garcia of her "Runway" stint: "It has all benefitted the magazine and myself. I don't consider myself a television personality. It's something I never anticipated doing."

Garcia reports she is in discussions with Bravo and the Weinstein Co. about developing future shows. "I don't want to do another makeover show," she says. "New projects come to me every day."

More about the crossover between the Fashion Industry and Reality TV here. It is interesting to note that Desiree Gruber and Jane Cha are producing the new Elle-magazine centered reality show, "Perfect Fit" for the CW. This may be worth a look...Of course, with Anne Slowey as a judge... Maybe not.