Sunday, April 06, 2008

Project Runway Auditions in NY and Interview with Jack Mackenroth

BPR's intrepid NYC correspondent Nancy T checks in from the Project Runway Season 5 auditions where she runs into an old friend:

Dateline: Saturday, April 5. There was a line around the block at the Times Square Starbucks. New flavor of Frappacino? Not quite. Instead, about 60 people were waiting to get into the W Hotel for their Project Runway interviews. Along with their portfolios, dress racks, and mannequins, they brought their friends and well-wishers. This group consisted mainly of talented amateurs, rather than the more experienced participants of Season 4.

But, there was one familiar face in the crowd. We caught Jack Mackenroth surveying the incoming talent at the Saturday auditions. Eying his competition perhaps? If so, he’s the most gracious (and buff) competitor we’ve seen in a while. He was wishing everyone good luck, posing for pictures, and giving helpful audition advice to nervous designers.

When asked if he was planning on coming back for Season Five, he said "Well, Heidi asked the same question on the reunion show. Since then, I've come to realize how important it is for me to finish what I started. It was so amazing the first time around. So, I've expressed my interest in coming back. I'm really excited about the possibility, and just have my fingers crossed for it to all work out again."

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