Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chris March Judges The Ultimate Bridesmaid Challenge

BPR's Ace Field Reporter, Nancy T provides us with this story from the event. Thank you Nancy.

Fashion snarking from a Project Runway finalist, a world-famous established designer, and a movie star! Twenty-seven good sports parading truly atrocious dresses! A setting that any bride would kill for, complete with champagne, chocolate strawberries, pillars of pink flowers, and a lake view, but with no stress or in-laws! Sounds like Blogging Project Runway heaven.

And it was. On April 28, Fox Home Entertainment sponsored “The Ultimate Bridesmaid Challenge” to publicize the DVD release of “27 Dresses.” Brides-to-be were invited to bring and model ugly bridesmaid dresses, in the hopes of winning a $10,000 wedding dress from Kleinfeld (a NY bridal salon), a Best Buy home theater, other Best Buy merchandise, and other pricey swag. The judges were Chris March, Malin Akerman (one of the stars of the movie), and Randolph Duke (the fashion designer who resurrected the Halston label in 1996.)

Click here to continue and to see the glorious gown that took the prize!