Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Heidi

Photo: Nancy Taubenslag


After a wildly successful S7 premiere that brought your beloved Project Runway franchise back home where it belongs, why in the world would you want to go back to LA for Season 8?

Yes, we know you have young children and that your family is based out of La-La land and that it must be much easier for you to work closer to your home. But didn't we just try that and didn't that just fail miserably?

Michael Kors speaks best to the advantages of the Big Apple:

"When you think about it, the walks from Parsons to Mood, you could have 500 inspirations within a minute. The bar is raised. I think the energy level is full-tilt boogie. It's New York. Nothing stops here."

The fan reaction to Season 7 has been extremely positive, due in no small part to the familiar sights and sounds of the city. Look at how happy Tim and MK and Nina are in this photo. And don't think we didn't note your absence from this event. They can plaster your image all day on the walls but it doesn't come near being there in person.

This is your baby, Heidi. You are co-creator and Executive Producer. For the love of all things Runway, please keep the Show in New York where it belongs.

It's not too late!