Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Runway Fantasy Game Update from Mark Y

Photo: Lifetime

It's time for Week Two in the Project Runway Fantasy Game. The designers will have lots to say this week - the first team challenge of the season. And you know they always hate that. With all the sniping and griping you're bound to pick up points for one of the many quote categories. So pick your team now. Points, points, points.

Congrats to PR Superfan team member BedHead, our leader with 25 points. Picking Jay, Emilio and Anna, BedHead scored with a win and two ins, plus a couple of quotes and at least one discouraging word, oh my. It couldn't have been burlap. A win in this scoring scenario is kind of like the fashion equivalent of a double word score in Scrabble. Points for being in and the win!

Click here for a rundown of how points are scored.

I, on the other hand, being only as fashionable as the Banana Republic sale corner, tallied a total of two. On my team were Anna, Anthony and Emilio. I'm sticking with my boys but saying so long to Anna and welcoming Mila. I believe she'll get lots of camera time.

You're not on the team? Its not too late. Click here to join other PRSuperFans!