Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 7 - Episode 1

Season Three Model, Amanda Fields returns to BPR with her take on the models each week - thanks Amanda!

It is so incredibly refreshing to see the designers on Project Runway walking and sashaying down the street in New York into the Atlas Apartment building and into the Parsons School of Design. This is the show we all love and have a soft spot for in our hearts. There is nothing at all wrong with doing the show here in LA, it's just not the same show.

Simply based on personalities, I think the final three (I only have it narrowed down to 4) will be the girl from Portland (Janeane), Maya, Emilio and Amy Sarabi...

After seeing the clothes on the runway, LOVE Jay Nicholas! LOVE Emilio! LOVE Janeane! LOVE MILA! Like Maya...

MODELS I LOVE Holly, Alexis, Brittany.

"She looks like a Hershey Chocolate Bar!" Oh Nina. Hilarious.

And the winner of the challenge is.. EMILIO! WITH HOLLY! Dream team to watch!

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