Friday, January 15, 2010

Early Recaps from Christopher Straub, Carol Hannah Whitfield, Tim Gunn and More

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Ping Wu: oh Ping. Ping declared that her designs look best on a human form. Shouldn't that be true for all fashion designers? In any case, I found it to be troublesome that she draped her look on herself, rather than using a dress form. Why? For the same reason that I wouldn't permit my students at Parsons to design for themselves: It removes the element of objectivity; that is, you're only looking at how the design looks on you and, consequently, aren't considering how it will look on someone else. It's very problematic, in my view. Ping made separates. On the bottom, she used an ombréd satin to create a shape that I can best describe as being "diaperesque." Her top was a loosely draped shawl/cape that was given more shape, thankfully, by virtue of it being tucked into the bottom piece (the diaper) and held secure by a one-shoulder strap. Ping topped it all off with a cloche (OK) and draped another textile over her model's arm (why?). Ping?

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