Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 7 - Episode 3

Project Runway Model, Amanda Fields returns with her take on episode three. Thanks Amanda!

Are the opening credits different? I love it; it feels more personal and fun.

My jaw dropped looking at the clothes from the curatorial department of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My goodness. Simple fit with exquisite detail is breathtaking. That billowy pink Balenciaga coat reminded me of Chloe Dao's finale collection! I love high end looks! Drama!! When Tim called out the team leaders.. I was thinking: obviously one of these people will be out! (They always eliminate the leader of a team!) Jesse saying "I don't want Ping to pick me..." I can already tell they are in the bottom three.

A great model would never sell out a designer. As I have said before, sometimes I may not understand or necessarily like an outfit that I'm modeling, but I wear it as if it is the hottest new thing. Oh Megan WHY!? (PS I wrote this BEFORE Models of the Runway came on!) After understanding that she is new to the modeling world, I will cut her a little slack. I am sure she won't make the same mistake again. I know I have always been talkative, but not negative.

After seeing the outfits this week (not made out of burlap) I can see that the eliminated designer, Pamela, from the last episode was not to blame for making the model's butt look big. You can see in the form fitting dress this week. It is a matter of opinion as to her body being runway material, I am simply stating that Pamela should not have been blamed.

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