Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BPR Interview with Kate Pankoke

Project Runway designer, Kate Pankoke was in NYC today at Macy's  as part of a special press event featuring the collections of 17 emerging designers from the Macy's Fashion Incubator program. Kate will be showcasing bridal gowns from her latest Elaya Vaughn Bridal collection.  

BPR Field Reporter, Jennifer Mara, met up with Kate and sends us this interview - thanks Jen!

Kate Pankoke is just as articulate, kind and talented in person as she seemed on TV. Kate is a woman who speaks through fashion personally and professionally, living what she stands for. 

The first question I asked her was if she made her own gown for her wedding this past November- she immediately replied yes, and yes, was also the answer when I asked her if she made what she was wearing today. 

Tiers are a signature for this season called “Romance in Bloom.” Kate does one collection per year, usually fourteen looks. 

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