Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Shan Keith Oliver

Shan Keith Oliver is 33, and lives in St. Louis, MO

Lovable and gregarious, Shan is the proud father of three, though you'd never guess it from his youthful demeanor. His creativity shines in designs that utilize fabrics he has on hand; he takes all things average, adds a Shan spin, and creates style where there was none. 

 Raised in a family full of talented kids, Shan had to compete to stand out. He quickly found his voice in art. His father passed away when Shan was 10, and his mother became the sole breadwinner, caregiver and seamstress. Self-taught as a designer, Shan learned from his mom's efforts to keep her kids in the latest fashions, giving the illusion that they had more than enough to make ends meet. He's a bible-quoting Christian whose faith is important to him, but don’t call him close-minded. He's friends with everyone and always has a good word to say, though he will give side-eye to a design he dislikes. When he was recently laid off from his nine-to-five job, Shan's wife became his biggest cheerleader, encouraging him to pursue his dreams of a career in fashion design.

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