Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Nicholas Komor

Nicholas Komor is 26 and lives in Atlanta, GA.

Arrogant and cold as ice, Nicholas has VILLAIN written all over him. His modular menswear is fresh and gender-bending, and his womenswear has a cool simplicity that reflects his impeccable tailoring skills and creative use of detail. 

 Born to Polish-American parents in the heart of the South, as a kid Nicholas often felt he was trapped between two worlds. He played the piano competitively for 11 years and intended to study music in college, but out of left field he changed his major to industrial design. When he didn’t get a callback for "Project Runway" Season 7, he enrolled in the London College of Fashion (Alexander McQueen's alma mater, Nicholas is quick to point out), where he fell in love with menswear. He admits he has a tense relationship with his family, pushing himself to excel in his career because that’s all he has to discuss with them. His parents don’t approve of his "gay lifestyle," and have never met his long-term boyfriend. He's close to his older brother who has Down Syndrome—there's a heart in there! But Nicholas is a very tough nut to crack.

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