Thursday, January 23, 2014

BPR Visits Austin Scarlett's Studio

Project Runway All-Star Designer, Austin Scarlett graciously invited BPR Reporter, Jennifer Mara into his New York Studio and Jen sends this report - thank you Austin and Jennifer for a look into Austin's design process and creative space!

Jennifer Mara and Austin Scarlett at Austin's studio

Austin Scarlett is the epitome of glamorous fashion. I felt great knowing that I could show up in nearly anything I felt like wearing - after some consideration, I went with my seemingly appropriate ‘something blue’-leather boots.

Austin's assistant cuts the fabric for a new gown!
Hangin’ out in the Austin Scarlett workspace I learned a lot about the process of wedding gown creation, Austin’s creative process and all of his newest endeavors but the cherry on top was that I actually got to try on an Austin Scarlett original...more on that later.

All dresses designed by Austin begin in this studio and the first design of each style begins here.  Any and all beads and embroidery are hand designed then created. If you are buying an Austin Scarlett gown it is 100% made in New York City.

Jennifer Mara models a beautiful Austin Scarlett Gown!
Click here for the full story and lots of gorgeous photos!