Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Sam Donovan

Sam Donovan is 23 and lives in Boston.

This model-cute Parsons grad has fashion wisdom well beyond his years, and enough sass to fill a workroom. The panel adored his easygoing, city-chic garments almost as much as they adored him.

Sam’s childhood was tense at best: Raised by wealthy, divorced parents in a dysfunctional all-American family, he bounced around all over suburban Boston. He was bullied in middle school before he even knew he was gay, but his mother came to his defense, helping him become the self-assured person he is today. "Fashion was so important to me because it gave me something to ground myself," says Sam. Having just graduated from Parsons this past spring, he is now working out of his father's house in Massachusetts, counting the days until he can move back to NYC.

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