Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Stephanie Ohnmacht

Stephanie Ohnmacht is 37 and lives in Denver.

(Will Mondo be her mentor?)

If "Under the Gunn" were a sit-com, Stephanie would be the star. An adorable control freak with perfectly coifed bangs, she tries to keep tabs on what people are buying, designing quirky, feminine clothes with an eye for unique patterns and geometric designs. 

 Stephanie was raised on a working farm by strong, goal-oriented women. Her best was never good enough, and her mother pushed her to always take first place. You'd never guess it from looking at her, but Stephanie was a 4-H queen. She started sewing at age seven—raising blue-ribbon sheep and auctioning them off to earn money for fabric—and was making party dresses and wool suits for 4-H competitions by the time she was 12. She went on to study business, but she took her sewing machine with her to college, empowering her classmates by teaching them how to make their own clothes. Stephanie hasn't applied since 2008, when Tim gave her a straight-up no, telling her she needed to learn to sew more quickly. She's been practicing like crazy, and is finally ready to compete! 

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