Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BPR at the Project Runway Season 12 Finale

One of the best things about attending the finale show is meeting the newest designers! 

Sandro, Sue, Karen, Miranda, Timothy, Angela

Angela has red hair now - she is adorable!  Miranda and Angie joined us for lunch along with Bert Keeter and April Johnston.

The other "best thing" about the finale show is seeing so many alums...

Ben, Layana, Samantha, Tu

We have posted many candid shots on our facebook page.

It is impossible to list all of the designers we saw - can you calculate how many Project Runway designers there are total from all seasons?  (Don't forget that Daniel Franco was in two casts.)


Heidi announced that there was an "unconventional materials" look in each collection - Justin's was amazing.  We understand that the "fringe" in his look was created with pipettes.  Perhaps like these...

Helen's opening look was fabulous - the color especially.  It's hard to tell what her unconventional look was created from, but we understand that it may have been some sort of silicon baking sheets - not sure!

Alexander's final look was very dramatic and received the most applause.

After the show, we always do an informal survey of "which collection was your favorite?"  This season  it seemed that Justin had the most fans - with Kate, Dom, Helen and Alexandria also frequently mentioned.

Laura K. - I am going on record to say that Alexandria's collection was my personal favorite.  She did a lot of separates and there were so many details (the POCKETS, the HATS...) that I felt like I couldn't take it all in.  She had me back at her home visit when she let us know that she teaches children to sew at "Camp Couture."  As a mom of five and a sewing teacher - I just have to root for her!  

Scarlett - I liked Alexandra's the best as well! And don't forget that her first look (she opened with her unconventional challenge garment - phone books were involved!) got applause. I felt that I knew her girl and that she took us on a cohesive journey. Loved her styling, too. 

Tbone - Three for three from Team BPR on Alexandria's collection. Very sophisticated separates, it was clear she put a ton of work and love into this. Everything looked very well made and expensive. The judges will respond well to this collection, I think. When she took her turn on the runway for the final walk, she was wiping away a tear from her eye. This was her moment on the big stage and she knew what it meant.