Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's a Malanathon! - Part 1

The next entry in today's Malanathon is a report from Nancy T - thanks Nancy!

Malan by Malan Breton – on The Catwalk!

 Malan Breton is all over Fashion Week for Spring 2014.

On September 7, he showed in the Mercedes Benz tents.

On September 11, he put on another show in Metropolitan Pavilion sponsored by Style 360 and Fancy Feast. Nobody was sure what to expect from a show sponsored by cat food. Would there be feline companions for the models? Fur coats? Cat fights?

 None of the above (thank goodness). Though there was a fluffy Persian posing in the lobby and backstage, only men and women took to the catwalk.

 The show was characteristically Malan – timeless fashion and ageless looks.

Malan’s designs seemed inspired by mens’ formal wear, with tuxedo touches (cummerbunds, satin stripes on pants), a mostly black and white palette, and beautiful silks and brocades.

Leather and a few items in vivid reds and yellows were interspersed with the dressier looks, making the collection feel like it could be worn on the street (but only on a VERY NICE street).

 The final look was a stunner. The model strode the runway, wrapped in a voluminous gray and white cloak. At the end of the walk , she unfastened and dropped the cloak – which turned out to be a very long train on a white strapless gown. Think “Say Yes to the Dress” for a drama queen.

 Thanks Malan for another lovely collection!