Monday, September 30, 2013

BPR Interview with Kate Pankoke

Project Runway Season 12 designer, Kate Pankoke talks about her experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR: We are pretty much in the dark about the model selection process.  Can you enlighten us?

 KP: That is a really good question... There are some really shady things going on this season... As you know, this season the runway is supposed to be an anonymous randomly, the producers would say, "You have this model now." Sometimes we got to choose new models, sometimes we didn't, and obviously once you are accustomed to a model and you know her measurements, you really don't want to switch. 

 BPR: Was the winner able to choose a new model? I would think that the winner would always choose Ya.

 KP: Actually, Helen's model, Molly is tied with Ya for wins! 

 BPR: Knowing now that Helen has won so many challenges, do you regret giving her the win in the Coney Island challenge? 

 KP: Not at all... and I don't think of it as me "giving the win" to Helen. I did it because I knew what she was going through. She is such a talented designer, she is a great person, and she worked just as hard as I did. Also, she really needed a pick-me-up from the previous challenge. 

 So, I had two choices. I could recommend her for the win, and give her a boost, or I could nominate myself - giving me two wins in a row and assuring that everyone would hate me. 

 I was happy to recommend Helen for the win. She deserved it. She is amazing.

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