Thursday, September 12, 2013

Malanathon - Part 2

A second look at Malan's show is provided by BPR Field Reporter - Jennifer Mara - Thanks Jen! 
Jen with Elisa Jimenez

 You can always count on Malan Breton to put on a unique show, today beautiful in so many ways, he does it again. 

 Today his show began with a logo and a song on the trumpet. The silence in the audience was beautiful. Then we kick it into gear. 

 Thematically very interesting; same fabrics crossing between male and female.

Suits of silk and glitter both embellished for each gender and tailored for personality for a very fashionable but wearable look. 

 Cummerbunds worn by women around their waists as belts were super sleek and different. 

Each look was extremely well made and well thought out. 

 My favorite?; that would be the white tube top dress with the tuxedo belt OR the Copper patent leather pants rocked out twice in the show-once by a woman and once for a man. 

 Work it Malan! 

 Click here for LOTS of photos from Jen. Thank you!