Thursday, September 26, 2013

Malan Breton at "Celebrate Taiwan" Sept. 28

Taiwan and the Smithsonian Museum Present Malan Breton Spring 2014 Collection NYC, NY.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York partners with the Smithsonian Museum promoting Taiwan culture with "Celebrate Taiwan at Grand Central Terminal" this Saturday September 28 from 11 - 2 PM.

Taiwan celebrity fashion designer Malan Breton has been invited to show his fashions as a part of the festivities. The Malan Breton Collection will be shown at 1 PM.

The Malan Breton collection is inspired by a meeting of delicacy and strength; yin and yang. 

"The strong Savile Row silhouettes of the 1960's British pops invasion meets the decadent romance of Won Kar Wei's film, In the Mood for Love," explains Malan. 

 The silhouettes are enhanced by opalescent fabrics, old world corsetry, rich brocades, organza, mylar, cashmere, embroideries, and mother of pearl that give these collections a touch of glamour, romance, luxury, and strength.