Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tim Gunn: "I am Crazy About Etsy"

Tim Gunn talks about "Craft vs. Crafty," Project Runway, and more in this great interview from the etsy blog.

A highlight:

Karen: Any advice on how to audition successfully for Project Runway? 

Tim: I’d be thrilled to have Etsy people audition. My advice? You need to know who you are as a designer, have a point of view, and own it. I just finished home visits with the designers this season, and each designer believed so intensely in what they are doing. They all said, “I don’t care if I win, I know this is me.” You can’t worry about what the judges will love. If there ever was a fickle quartet, it’s the Project Runway judges. 

 Karen: Let’s talk about fashion. If you watch fashion television or read magazines, there’s a lot of emphasis on trends. But there’s another school of thought that puts personal style first. What is your position on this? 

 Tim: I am very loud about calling myself the anti-trend guy. I am constantly telling women and men it’s only good if it works for you. Do a closet analysis. Ask yourself, “What do I wear, what do I not wear? What will multi-task?” I profoundly believe in shopping on a budget. I am also quite cynical about trends.

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