Monday, January 14, 2008

BPR at "Style Your Slim"

Daniel and I had some dinner, got changed and then headed for the venue. It is called Boulevard 3 and it is gorgeous.

I had spoken with one of the organizers of the event, Corey Martin, earlier and he was extremely helpful. I was delighted to meet him when I arrived. He was standing with Tim and Chloe at the entrance as we entered. "How nice of them to be here greeting everyone..." I thought. HA! Wrong. (I obviously know nothing about red-carpet events.) They were standing by waiting for their turn on the carpet.

Nikki Blonsky was just ahead of them, having her photo taken by about 30 or 40 cameras.

Tim and Chloe were next. I wanted to show you what it looked like so I took this photo:

Click here for video coverage of the event. See if you recognize anyone in a new Marc coat...

Of course I was there as a journalist and I was working, so I pulled out my notebook to record what was going on.

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