Thursday, January 10, 2008

BPR in LA - Part One

When I heard that Chloe Dao was providing all of the fashions for the Slim-Fast "Style Your Slim" Fashion Show in Los Angeles, I definitely wanted to go. I was imagining a star-studded Hollywood event, with "our own" Chloe Dao presenting the fashions. What would it be like? I was dying to know.

So, after making some inquiries and reservations, my son Daniel (still on Winter Break from ASU) and I packed up the mini-van and headed for L.A.

It was late on Monday when we arrived at our hotel, but not TOO late! Nick Verreos, Chloe, and John Wade joined me for a drink along with a few friends. Dan went out with some friends of his own, but met up with us a little later. He was loving L.A. I was especially glad to meet John. I had heard from several other designers that he was very successful and charming and now I can say that I agree.

I asked Chloe if she was ready for the show the next evening and she said that she was. Great. That I way I didn't have to feel guilty about keeping her out so late. She had a Kir Royale. Chloe is completely adorable. Every time I meet her she seems lovelier than the time before.

She graciously agreed to a little interview for BPR.

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