Saturday, January 26, 2008

BPR Interview With Kit Pistol

If someone simply showed you the photos of the designs from any episode of Season 4, you always knew which one Christina Scarbo produced. That's a big compliment considering the group of talented peers she squared off against each week. Seemingly always on the cusp of breaking through the winners circle, many people picked her to reach the finals. BPR catches up with Christina, aka Kit Pistol, to get her take on the experience:

BPR: Hi Kit! You were a joy to watch this season and developed a big fan base. Any message you would like to share with your supporters?

KP: THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful for all the support from everyone who has contacted me and came up to me on the street... the positivity is truly rewarding.

BPR: How did you ever come up with the name Kit Pistol?

KP: Well, I was working at a bar in Florence, Italy and always wore this gun necklace I got at Agent Provocateur, so I got the nickname 'Miss Pistol'. My friends and I all had weird nicknames for each other. I guess you could say we were bored. So one day we decided that Miss Pistol needed a first name to make it sound better and one of my roommates told me that Kit was a nickname for Christina. So Kit Pistol was formed and the deal was sealed. I showed my senior collection under the name Kit Pistol! It just stuck.

Click here to continue reading our interview with Kit as she fondly recalls her favorite childhood outfit and the people who have influenced her life and career.