Sunday, January 20, 2008

Katy's Take - Episode 8

I loved this challenge and definitely think it was the best of the season so far (conceptually and the designs). I’m really excited that the producers created a challenge that specifically asked for something avant-garde and “high fashion.” It’s pretty easy (in Project Runway and real life) for a designer to stick with nice, wearable garments since that’s what usually sells and it’s much easier to complete a simpler garment in the PR time constraints, so it’s not as much a risk to finish.

My main complaint with this challenge… I think it was totally unfair to the models to be selected on their hairstyles. I like the concept of being inspired by a hairstyle, but let’s be honest, most of those styles were awesome, but a few of them looked like the models woke up late and did it themselves. As some of my hairstylist friends said, “It looks like it was 10 minutes to show time and they realized they still had 3 girls to finish…” Knowing how they film the episodes, I think this is probably what happened (they film the model selection part immediately after the last designer has been “auf’d”). So in this case, I’m guessing Kevin was still in his exit interview while they were filming this segment.

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