Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Recap of The Manolo

Attention BPRs! The Manolo has posted his recap of "What a Girl Wants!"

About Christian and Maddie: Yes, this girl had the difficult personality, and was misinformed as to her own competency, but had Christian been more mature, and less of the cry baby, he could have ameliorated the situation. In the stead, he sabotaged himself, producing the gown that was unsuitable for this girl’s shape, and then attempting to shift the blame for his failure.

For the win: As for the winner, the Manolo felt that Sweet P’s classical gown was the best, indeed it was vastly superior to Victorya’s be-yoked blue dress. Likewise, the Manolo also preferred Chris’s green floor-length gown. But, the judges are the judges.

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