Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Will Bravo Make It Work?

We are scratching our collective heads here in the BPR workroom trying to figure out what exactly Bravo is up to with their end game for Season 4. First off, they have confirmed with us that there is no new episode next week, meaning the next elimination will not place until February 6. But assuming that episode is a single elimination, that leaves five designers remaining when they film the finale at Bryant Park on February 8.

Past seasons have always shown four collections at Fashion Week, twice with a decoy (S1 and S2) and once without (S3). (We hate the idea of a decoy collection, if they are going to show, let them count!) But the only way to get to a Final 4 will be by having a double elimination on February 6, or if they run back-to-back single-elimination episodes.

Unless there may be more than four designers showing on February 8. Hmmmmmm.......

Meanwhile, it appears as if the mystery has been solved regarding the February 1 "Project Runway Designer" off-site show at The Altman Building. The official MBFW schedule now shows that it's none other than Victorya Hong! But isn't she still under contract with Bravo? Who is sponsoring this and where is the press?

Something fishy is going on here....