Thursday, January 24, 2008

Congratulations, Ricky

The tears for you this week were ones of happiness. Denim and lingerie seem polar opposites but you provided yourself equally adept at working in both milieus. The sun dress silhouette you created using curvy seams is feminine and the iconic button fly front placket would flatter a wide range of figures. The bodice showed your understanding of tailoring and the turned-down detail was suggestive but not vulgar. This dress is charming and one that many women would want in their wardrobes; how fortunate for them that your reward this week is that Levi's will sell a limited edition of this dress and that proceeds will benefit YouthAIDS. Good show, Ricky!

This post is ONLY for positive words for Ricky Lizalde or for the dress he designed. Any other thoughts belong in our Reactions post here.