Friday, August 28, 2009

Congratulations, Shirin

As Diane von Furstenburg pointed out last week, a career can be built upon a single look and your frock this week for an expectant mother is just such a garment. There is a HUGE market out there for chic mommy-to-be outfits and, without ever having been pregnant, you instinctually keyed into the features that they want. The flattering belly detailing will look pretty at 5 months or 9 and counting. The lovely neck draping draws the eye up to the glowing face but doesn't detract from the fuller bust. Our readers worried that you were being overly ambitious with the coat but you demonstrated that in your skillful hands the additional piece would elevate this to a win. All of the judges this week would have bought this dress. Well conceived, well executed and well done!

This post is only for positive words for Shirin Askari. If you have negative commentary or something to say about another designer, you can do so in our Reactions post here.

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