Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amanda's Take - Premiere

Project Runway Model, Amanda Fields has agreed to write up a "model's take" on each episode. She will be focusing specifically on the models. Amanda has walked for many of the Project Runway designers from seasons two, three and four, as well as for many established designers including Monique L'huillier. We could not think of anyone more qualified to present her perspective of the Season Four Models. Thank you Amanda!

"Models, this is a competition for you as well."

Let's not forget that this is not only about the designers but also who wears the pants! (Or dress or garbage!)

This show can take a model from just another catalog girl to a high-powered, in-demand hot item. :) But even if you win, nothing is guaranteed past the Elle shoot!

Since I made it to the top 5 models, I would like to personally pick a top 5. This is based on how the girls are ON THE RUNWAY and HOW THEY PHOTOGRAPH. That is how you should judge models. I would also love them to have a great personality, but as long as they aren't bitchy then it's all good!

1. Marcia
2. Lea
3. Amanda
4. Katie
5. Jacqueline

I also like Marie and Sam.

There are some girls who look like they have never walked the runway. Maybe they are primarily print models, and that is fine for them, but this is PROJECT RUNWAY. Runway models required!! Even if you get hired and aren't much of a walker - work on your walk, practice! This is your job and a life-changing show to be a part of. Bravo repeats it for eternity - you better make your mark! And let me just say -
Minumum of 5'9" to be a runway model. Otherwise you make a gown look less elegant and more frumpy.

First model to go? I predict Ashley or Aviva.

In Amanda news, I just signed with a commercial agency here in LA called NTA and they are FABULOUS. Yesterday I worked with Monique Lhuillier again fit modeling for her. I work with her a lot. She is doing very well and I am already fitting FALL 2008pieces! All I can say is JEWEL TONES!!! :)

Happy Thankgiving everyone!

Congratulations, you're stil in, you may leave the runway. <3