Friday, November 23, 2007

From The Mailbox

BPR reader Matthew snapped this photo of Victorya's winning design at the Manhattan Mall Steve & Barry's today. He adds: The dress in person was actually impressive. Last year I saw the window display at Macy's with all the winning designs from season 3. The threads were all popped and there was lots of mistakes in the winning dresses from season 3. They were still gorgeous but it was clear they were done in a rush. The dress at Steve and Barry's only had one popped seam on the arm sleeve where a loose thread was hanging out. Thanks Matthew!

EW has an interview up with aufed designer Marion Lee where he says: ...I should have used jersey for all my challenges and I'd be in the final four. Why do they insist onhaving Heidi stil refer to a final 3 on the runway?

Here's an interview with PR model Marie at After, thanks lala!

Andy Cohen has a great post-episode interview up with SJP. Don't miss her revealing comments about the judging process.