Sunday, November 25, 2007

Katy's Take

Season 3 designer Katherine Gerdes returns with her take on Episode 2, "I Started Crying". It's a BPR exclusive!

First things… I have to give props to all the designers for the success of this challenge. I don’t know if you guys have ever shopped at Mood, but $15 does NOT get you much and to be honest I have no idea how they made this challenge work. For a company such as Steve and Barry’s (or Target which I know more about), they have the size and purchasing power to knock the price of fabric down so they can afford a $15 wholesale price, but buying retail fabrics and expecting wholesale garments is really challenging so I give props to all the designers!

Before I get to the reviews, let me put out a blanket statement, so I don’t have to repeat myself over and over again: With the exception of Marion and Steven’s, I thought everyone’s garments look really well executed and properly finished and I imagine this is going to be the case for most of this season!

Also… can I just ask what is up with the hair/styling this season? I don’t know if it’s a new team of stylists or what, but so far it’s been pretty bad this season. I’ve been watching PR this year with a group of girls who are all hair/makeup artists and they cannot stand what is going down the runway (and I’m not talking about the clothing).

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