Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In The Homestretch!

Only one more day! Can you stand it?

Here is the latest:

First check out BPR fave, Mo Ryan.

Heidi Klum is just too adorable for words and Seal is probably the luckiest man on the planet.

According to the Grand Rapids Press, Daniel Vosovic has designed something for Heidi to wear on the show. We'll keep our eyes open for his "black sleeveless cocktail dress."

Malan Breton is having a trunk show next Tuesday. We would love a field reporter!

This Mercury News article is slightly spoilerish so purists, be warned!

Here is a great interview with Victorya. Have I already posted this? I'm so confused....

There is still time to enter this writing contest from "Myitthings." Andrae Gonzalo is a judge.

More Heidi here from the Associated Press.

Are you tired of Heidi yet? Me neither. Click here for an interview as well as a video of her appearance on The Today Show.

Can't wait for tomorrow!