Friday, November 09, 2007

Fresh Gunn

A big highlight of my whirlwind trip to NYC was having Tim Gunn graciously sit down with me for an interview on Monday evening.

At this point I know that our readers have read nearly every interview about Tim that has been published in the past three years, and there certainly has been plenty of publicity about the long-overdue Season Four. So with that in mind...

I knew you didn't want to hear " season ever" "...most talented group of designers yet!" or "...there are some BIG surprises this season!" You have heard all of that before (Actually, we hear that every season).

So, I tried to focus on things that are a little more fun. :)

Tim is tall, fit and handsome and he ate an entire plate of pasta with a glass of wine. He wore his trademark dark suit, white shirt and a marigold-colored tie. He never takes his coat off... as far as I know...

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