Thursday, November 15, 2007

Congratulations, Rami

The gown you designed showed your flair for draping and had an exquisite goddess silhouette. You quietly worked without a hint of drama or any evidence of being a diva. It was fascinating watching you try different approaches, each beautiful but still very much your own point of view. In the end you charmed the judges with your dress and you enchanted the viewers with your style and attitude. (We'll talk about those biceps later.) Well done, Rami!

This post is only for positive things to say about Rami and/or the frock that he created. If you have anything negative to say, click here for that venue.

ETA: Let me remind you that this post is not for negativity. We treat the 'congratulations' and 'BPR love' posts as gifts to the designers. I wouldn't want to open a present only to find it was sprinkled with criticism. We have a reaction post (and they are always the most popular posts of the week) that allows our readers the opportunity to vent and critique.

Thanks for understanding this policy.
- Scar