Thursday, November 15, 2007

BPR Interview With Simone LeBlanc

Like Tim said: someone had to go first. Simone LeBlanc didn't think it would be her, certainly not so soon. BPR checks in with her on the day after:

BPR: How long have you been designing your own clothing?

SL: I've been designing and making clothes since I was a kid. Cutting up clothes, experimenting,thrift re-tweaking, etc. I just started designing my own line TS Bloom(with my business partner) in July.

BPR: What was your favorite piece of clothing as a child?

SL: I love this question! Each stage of my life has significant pieces. As a child, however, the pieces mean something so different- they have a familiarity/comfort and a fantasy element as well. When I was about 5, I had a favorite outfit- a floppy,worn straw hat, a little denim jacket with flowers embroidered on the yoke, and scarlett red patent leather Mary Janes- which of course were always on the wrong foot.

BPR: We noticed in your audition video that you have written a series of personal manifestos. What's the current one about?

SL: Well, they're quite personal and they tend to build on each other- building blocks in a way. Currently, the focus is on innocence. It's about using life's knowledge and experience, but remembering to put them to the side as well. I've found that often times what we think we know, the roles we identify with, get in the way. It's also about wonderment, appreciation,and having a good laugh.

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