Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Will Win Tim's Book? It's a Walk Off!

None of our readers got every answer correct in the
TRESemmé Fantasy Runway challege. Nine of our readers got 5 points. It's now time for a 'walk-off' between:

  • MC.ABE
  • JP
  • PINWIZ11
  • and someone named TBONE.

Only those readers are eligible (and really, Tbone, you're going into timeout if you even try). The first one that answers ALL THREE of the following questions correctly IN THE COMMENTS will win the prize.

  1. Who said, "Oh my" in the opening montage of Season 1?
  2. Who created a dress that Michael Kors said looked like a Halloween tablecloth in Season 2?
  3. What was the name of Angela's dog in the Dog Challenge in Season 3?
The winner will be asked to email his/her real name and mailing address to Team BPR.

WE HAVE A WINNER - Congratulations, Julias!

This was fun! We'll have another contest next week.