Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, is everyone ready? All systems are go for tonight's new episode, which apparently has no title. Here's some possibilities: "Battle at 10 Rock", "Collaboration Aggravation", "Boys Just Want To Have Fun". I know you can do better - any suggestions?

It's the usual lineup tonight: Tbone will be in doing play-by-play, the Party Room opens at 9:00 ET and the reactions thread will be up post-show. And speaking of post-show features, where is Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens" webcast? We miss you Andy!

There is plenty of excellent speculation still going on regarding tonight's challenge. (Click here for the preview videos.) And here's some breaking news! Bodog has just posted odds on who the Season 4 winner might be. Chris March has the surprising early lead at 5/1, and Sweet P is the long shot at 17/1. Place your bets!

All together now: Thank.God.It's.Wedenesday.