Friday, November 30, 2007

Shop The Runway

Here is the Bluefly accessory wall filled with men's accessories! Will we ever see this again?

I have to say that I am appreciating the accessories much more this season. I can not remember even a single pair of shoes from any previous season's wall, but I probably will never forget the blue boots that Elisa chose for the first challenge. By the way - those are sold out. How about these fierce boots worn by Ricky's model, Lea in episode two?

Also sold out!

It's clear that we will have to make our decisions quickly if we want any of these items. Fortunately the Bluefly team gives us lots of options. Check these out.

Also, there is a 10% off coupon for BPRs on our comment page. This is good for new customers spending over $100.

Have you been playing the sweepstakes game? I play every day (because I really want to win the tickets!) and afterward I usually receive a discount coupon in my in-box.

This week our friends at Bluefly are emulating the winning look designed by Jack Mackenroth. As you can see, they didn't find the bias cut placket or pocket but they feature the stripes, the slim-tailoring of the trousers and they definitely have the shoes that pull together the look.

We have heard your questions about the episode and I have a couple of answers.

1. Was it against the rules for Jack to trace his pants? No.
2. Was it against the rules for the designers to share the pattern? No.
3. Were the designers supposed to be making the garment to fit Tiki Barber, or to fit their models? Their models.
4. On the Today Show, was Tiki wearing the exact clothing that Jack made, or were the garments re-made in Tiki's size? They were re-made.
5. Were the designers supposed to make three pieces? Yes, that was the original challenge.