Saturday, March 08, 2008

BPR at the TRESemme Finale Party

Photo from WireImage

The Scarlett and I were in our hotel room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel getting ready for the party when we received a call from Malan Breton. He was downstairs and had gifts for us! We invited him up and he presented a pair of gloves from his collection to me and a bag to The Scarlett. Thanks Malan!

The three of us headed downstairs for the party and Emmett McCarthy was right behind us. He always looks fabulous, but I think he might have been extra-handsome on Wednesday night. He had just returned from a business trip to Paris.

Tim Gunn was also in the lobby area waiting for his turn on the Red Carpet. He greeted us and told Scarlett that she looked wonderful. (She did look fab - I agree.) Scar's night was now complete and she could have gone home happy right then!

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