Thursday, March 20, 2008

Field Report from Tim Gunn's Appearance in Jacksonville

My girls, Caroline, 8 and Gracie 2, and I went to see the Liz Claiborne show at Dillard's in Jacksonville, Florida. We arrived very early to see where everything was set up and to get good seats. Everyone who was there was soooo nice. My girls and I were taking it all in and I looked up and saw Tim Gunn himself arriving!

I did a loud, involutary gasp when I saw him. It was loud enough for all to hear and people laughed and Tim came right over to us. I introduced myself as a field reporter for BPR and he said how nice you were and how much he loved you and I agreed! I told him I'd love a picture of him with my girls later and he said, "Well, let's do it right now!" He was so nice and so genuine and so sincere. When I told him that I was "thrilled to meet you!" he said, "I'm thrilled to meet you too." He was also very sweet to my girls.

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