Thursday, March 27, 2008

Advice For Season Five Hopefuls

We're back with advice for the season five hopefuls!

First, from Tim Gunn:

The season five auditions are upon us! Incredible isn't it? I still feel as though Rami, and Jillian, and Christian were just battling it out on the runway at Bryant Park -- because they were!

Anyone coming to the auditions should:
1) follow the rules as posted on the website,
2) be confident about who they are as a designer and be equally confident that that message resonates in their work,
3) have IMPECCABLE examples of fabricated work,
4) be professional and responsible in their presentation, both personal and as a designer.

At this first stage of the auditions, we are looking for talent, only. Personality assessments come later. Without the talent, who cares about the personality?

Individuals who presented at previous auditions (or didn't make it past the first screening) should be encouraged to try, again, providing that their presentation is different and/or enhanced.

Furthermore, we bought 120 individuals forward to "the next round" last season. 105 of those individuals were not on the show. Therefore, there are 105 people who already know that they were a close call. Please encourage any or all of them to return.

And I need to assert that with each successive season, my fellow judges and I are more informed about what individual characteristics are critical and what are impediments. That means that we bring an enhanced "lens" to this entire process. Consequently, someone who auditioned for season three, for example, and was moved forward in the process may not be as capable of competing for season five. But I try never to assume!

I don't know who will be joining me for the auditions. I fully expect a number of the designers from previous seasons to be there, as well as representatives from ELLE. And, of course, none of this can be achieved without the masterful organization and facilitation of the fabulous Magical Elves.

I look forward to seeing the BPR readers who brave the throngs! Wish us all luck!


Next, from Rami Kashou:

I would suggest the following:
Be as prepared as possible! The whole idea is that you stand out "in a good way" :)
Bring whatever you think will help the judges see something special about you and your work.
Samples, portfolio, look book, model etc...
Do not be afraid or intimidated.. just be ready to answer any question thrown at you.
Above all Be yourself and give it your all!

Good luck to all of you and I will see you soon!

From Christian Siriano:

I really want to wish season 5 the best of luck and i just hope it can bring as many great opportunities to them as project runway has given me!
I loved almost every second and I am still loving it!
But they need to bring it hard because they have big stilettos to fill!!!
hugs and kisses

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