Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tim Gunn in Jacksonville


Love your website! I wanted to give you a different perspective on Tim Gunn's visit to Jacksonville, FL.

I am an Operations Engineer at First Coast News in Jacksonville (and a HUGE Project Runway fan!) I was running audio for our morning show this morning where Tim Gunn appeared. My 17-year-old daughter, Christie, also is a huge fan, and came in to work with me this morning hoping to see and meet Tim.

Well, not only did she get to see and meet him, but she told him her mom (me!) was the audio engineer and couldn't get down to the studio, so he said, "Well, let's go upstairs and see her!" And he did!! He trooped upstairs to the Engineering section and greeted everyone, came into the audio booth and shook my hand and we spoke for a few minutes (until I had to open a mic.) He was as gracious and friendly and wonderful in person as I hoped he would be. What a guy!

He also took the time to pose for lots of pictures, sign tons of photos (and my daughter's Tim Gunn bobblehead!!) and even gave her some advice on the upcoming pageant she is entered in. All the women (and a few of the men!) in the newsroom bombarded him with fashion questions during and after the show, and he patiently, intelligently and graciously answered every one. He's got a very special place in our hearts, now more than ever.

(Lori D, Operations Engineer, First Coast News)