Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's a bittersweet day at BPR. On one hand, we are all anxiously awaiting the finale episode tonight. Will it be Christian, Jillian or Rami? On the other hand, this is our last new episode for at least 8 months (we think). We are going to miss our episode parties!
While Laura K and The Scarlett mingle with the finalists this evening at the TRESseme' finale party, Tbone will be holding down the fort. One last live-post, one last party, one last turn on the dance floor with Season 4. Please join us tonight and celebrate!
Big thanks go out to our friend Alan Gratz who has been providing fearless forecasts all season long. Even though he has purposely avoided finale collection photos, that hasn't stopped him from making a prediction on the winner tonight. To pass the time, there is a Project Runway marathon going on all day on Bravo. Once you start watching, it's hard to stop! We have a bunch of mail to share a little later also, so check back in for more.
TGIW - it's finale time!